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Eat better, live fuller

Cooking at home

No promotion of exhausting diets. You can focus on one step at a time, thanks to an elaborate plan. It embraces breaking your big goals into small daily practices, which add up to massive positive changes. You’ll see desirable weight changes you’ve been longing for and develop a better relationship with food. Last but not least, you’ll say goodbye to food obsessions and food-related health issues.

  • — Get the support you deserve

  • — Science-proven coaching method

  • — 100% guaranteed

Eat better, look slimmer

Sports nutrition

You tell me about your health goals, and I help you achieve them. First, an expert studies your lifestyle and metabolism peculiarities.

Then, as you go deeper into the program, I ensure you receive everything to look, feel, and perform with better results than you have ever expected.

You can build strength, lose weight, and gain energy during my sports nutrition program. Whatever your sports goals, I help you get there. Within 12 months, you’ll see impressive changes in the field.

Eat better, feel higher

Finding a balance

Two workouts in a week secure strength and conditioning necessary for developing lean muscle mass. These cross-training workouts are held outdoor for most of the year and are perfect for those who are already running or cycling.

Want to be maximally active and build core strength? Welcome to my programs!

  • — Visit 1-2 classes per week

  • — Ongoing registration

How I can Help

Food coaching

On your road to wellness, you need to cook simple but delicious foods that lighten the load. Take into consideration your interests, skills, and time available for cooking.

Guaranteed real results

You have to learn to trust your intuition as your body knows what is good for you and tells you everything about your actual needs.

Food & nutrition

Food is a great pleasure and an important connector. It can nourish your body and influence your social life to a significant degree.

“I felt bad, I needed help with my eating habits, and I called Jane. She taught me how to enjoy life again, and I love my life now.”

— Bessie Hawkins